CADB practice and procedures

Applications to the Board are generally treated by the Board as either administrative matters or conduct matters.

A Panel of the Board is constituted to conduct the Hearing of each Application. The Chairperson determines the members of the Board to comprise the Panel to hear the Application. That Panel will then make the determination, any orders under section 1292 and any orders for costs or publicity.

A Panel is constituted as either:

  • 5 persons comprising the Chairperson (or Deputy Chairperson) with 2 accounting members and 2 business members; or
  • 3 persons comprising the Chairperson (or Deputy Chairperson) with 1 accounting member and 1 business member.

Conduct matters are usually dealt with by a 5 person Panel where the Chairperson is satisfied that it is practicable and appropriate to do so. Administrative matters and consent conduct matters are usually dealt with by a 3 person Panel.

CADB's procedures are intended to enable all Applications to be heard and finalised expeditiously and with as little formality and technicality as is possible given the requirements of the case and of the law. The Board may vary or adapt its procedures to deal with particular matters if that is appropriate.

The fundamental principles on which the Board operates are that all parties should have adequate notice of the issues to be dealt with at a Hearing and an adequate opportunity to attend and present their case and their supporting evidence.

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Last updated: 10/03/2017 05:26